Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Notes form the weekend

Had a great weekend in Nova Scotia. Surprised my grandparents, they didn?t know we were coming. It?s the only large family gathering we?ve had in ten years. Twenty nine members of the family were at the house to celebrate my Grandparents? 60th Anniversary. I think it?s safe to say a good time was had by all.


the hill behind my Grandparents? place climbs 45 meters (~150 feet) and has a breath taking view of cape split. My mother, my daughter and I hiked the Partridge Island trail, it?s just 1.5 km and but it climbs then drops 40 meters. It?s a steep climb in places but takes you out into the bay for a magnificent view of Cape Blomidon, Cape Split and Spencer's Island. I really need to get a digital camera.

My daughter is an Albertan

After we left the main highway Sarah couldn?t understand why the road didn?t go strait to Parrsboro, there were so many curves! She did admit that it made the ride more interesting, compared crossing the prairies to Sask.

She bought a gift for a friend and was dismayed that the $26 dollar price tag meant paying almost $30. The 15% sales tax vs. the 7% we pay in Alberta was a shock to her system.

Long Day

On Monday I got up at 6:30 Atlantic time to have breakfast with my grandfather, who hass always been an early riser. Spent the morning hiking and then returned for lunch and packed. Drove to airport and departed from Halifax at 17:20. Flew to Calgary via Ottawa and Toronto. Arrived home at 1:00 Mountain time; that?s 4:00 Atlantic time. It was a twenty one hour day.

- Peace

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Still wish I could have gone!!!