Saturday, October 30, 2004

2600 km best year ever!

Yesterday, despite some ice and snow, I passed the 2600 km on the way back from work. That means 2004 is my best year ever for biking. My previous best was in Edmonton at just over 2500 km.

2600 km is 1000 km more than my original goal for this year, 400 km more than I did in 2003 and 2002 combined. That's despite getting hit by a truck and loosing six weeks.

This year I did some fantastic trail riding with friends including Bragg Creek, Revelstoke, Jasper and Canmore - Banff. Thanks guys!

So the 2005 goal is 3200km, double the 2004 goal. I'll get started on that in Feb. or March. In the meantime I'll be doing low impact work out class (trym gym) with Kim on Monday nights, a spin class once a week at the YMCA and walks in Fish Creek with Kim. The hope is to keep some of the progress I've made, so I'm not starting from scratch in 2005.

- Peace

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