Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Andy Hunter Exodus

Exodus is one of the disks I got Kim for Christmas. She found Andy Hunter by searching the net for Christian Electronica. I became a fan listening to Go while playing SSX 3.

This album works on two levels. First is just good back ground techno. The type of music I play while driving or coding and don't have to pay attention to.

But if I pay attention Andy Hunter documents a spiritual journey with Exodus, most of the time using well placed minimal lyrics. One of my favorite moments on the album has the words "Open my heart" played in a loop mixed with laughter. It's just a passing moment, but in context it's sublime.

The song THE WONDERS OF YOU is the one song on the album that breaks the feel of the album by mixing rap with the techno. I don't know if it's the rap sound or the dense use of lyrics that makes it stand out. As a stand alone song it's works, but it breaks the atmosphere Andy Hunter creates on the rest of Exodus.

- Peace

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