Sunday, November 09, 2003

Isle Salvation Army facing funding crisis

GALVESTON — Salvation Army officials, facing losses of $10,000 a month in Galveston, are considering cutting services.

The agency is the largest provider of food and shelter for the poor in Galveston.

To be honest, the Salvation Army is in decline right across North America. But here's a place where it looks like they are doing what they should be doing, (talking care of the poor) but the Church (corps. in army speak) can't keep up.

I can't help but wonder if past mistakes in how the Army ran it's churches has lead to it's current issues. For instance in the past the army would move officers every two years like clock work. Stability in the pastorship is the one thing that everyone from Rick Waren to Eugeene Peterson agrees is required for a healthy church, and for years the Salvation Army underminded that. So now we have declining corps and increased demands for help.

God have mercy on us.

- Peace

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