Monday, August 25, 2003

War, what is it good for?
I do really wonder what George Bush was thinking when he started the war in Iraq.
A) Weapons of mass destruction? Nope, the NSA, CIA and others knew that the letter tying Iraq to Africa for Uranium was a hoax. (This didn't stop them from using it to coax reluctant senators into voting for the war of course)
B) Ties to Al-Qaeda? Nope, Al-Qaeda are Sheite Muslims, Sodam is a Sunni and even publicly executed Sheite Ayatollahs. They would have put the bullet in him for the Americans but for his direct male line decendency from the prophet.
C) Democracy? Nope, there are painfully few democracies in the Middle East and Iraq does not have the essential ingredient, a large fat middle class for whom democracy would be a bonus.
D) Oil? Maybe, France and Russia were ready to agree to war to remove Sodam if they could keep control of the oil fields in which their companies were working. The US said no and so France and Russia prepared to veto the war.
E) "They tried to kill my daddy!" Well, that's what one of my friends thinks I'm hoping he isn't right.

My heart says that no matter what the reason it's a terrible waste.
The CWRC is starting a program that should help get the basics going but it will be a long time before this thing settles.

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