Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Had a great time on the weekend:


  • picked up Mike in Edmonton
  • listened to great music, with Mike in the Element, it's all about the journey.
  • missed our turn in North Batleford and had to ask directions
  • one kid thought the Element looked like a Mini cooper. Other than the fact the the Element is over twice as large I guess he had a point.
  • Arrived in Chitik Lake, realized it is much larger than I had thought. We wandered around looking for post modern Christians.
  • Asked one man wearing a large wooden cross if he would describe himself as a pre, mid or post modern Christian. He considered him self to be a present day Christian. Clearly not one Christians we were looking for.
  • The genral store had a map of Chitik listing all the names of the cabin owners, we found Tebey.
  • I guess I forgot to tell LT we were coming, oops. I did tell him we were interested, but didn't confirm, my bad.
  • as reported by LT we geeked out.
  • I slept in the Element, there was tons of space at the cabin, but I wanted to try it. It was quite comfy.


  • LT made a breakfast of bacon and eggs, mmmm bacon.
  • Not even going to try to list all the things we talked about, but I do owe LT a set of links, that will be a seprate post. LT has posted some of our best sound bites.
  • cooked up some steak, potatoes, veggie kabobs, salad and it was good.
  • we watched Zoolander, very funny.Three geeks in a cabin watched a movie on male models, make of it what you will.


  • went to hear Jordon preach at spirit wood.
  • Met a guy named Jeff, who had also been to c-stone 2003 and is writing a rap musical. What are the odd of the that happening in a small town church?
  • Went our for lunch. The fish was amazing, second only to the Atlantic salmon I had beside the Miramichi river on a fishing trip when I was a kid. LT and Jordon agree the food was amazing..
  • got to meet a real mini Cooper
  • Wendy does bear some resemblance to Halle Berry, but that's being kind to Halle. The pics on Wendy's blog don't do her justice.
  • I got to show off the Element, but I can't keep up with Jordon in his Caravan on gravel roads.


  • left at just before 9:00 am
  • picked up an older gentelmen, quite well dressed, who's car had broken down. Gave him a lift to the next town.
  • asked cops in Notrth Batelford for directions to Tim Horttons, you wouldn't believe the look they gave us.
  • Picked up a couple of hitch hikers, we the comented that we had good karma headed our way, Mike explained that we were more Christian than Karmatic. They said that what goes around comes around, I agreeded saying the Christian translation is "because he first loved us". It's all a reaction to being loved.
  • Mike, Carrol and I saw X2 at the cheap theater. I bid Mike goodbye and headed home.

LT was a fantastic host, we had a great time. Here's hopping we can make it next year.

- Peace

PS The essence of hope is vision....

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