Monday, August 11, 2003

Links for Leighton
(Mike and I spent a great weekend with LT at his cabin talking about Life, the Universe and Everything, I promised LT a bunch of links)

Post Moderen Programers

Agile Development and test first design


Larry Wall on /. - read question seven.

The new Battlestar Galactica and negitve fan reaction.

Five Iron Frenzy - songs that speak to the history of Native Amricans
The Day We Killed (Crazy Horse)
Old West
Banner Year

Gahndi thrown out of Chruch. The quote I remember was "That poor man thought he was ushering one Indian our of church, when realy he was helping ushrer England our of India". I can't find the source. However on pages 174 and 175 of Soul Survivor, Yancey tells that Gandhi was turned away form a church in South Africa because of his skin colour, he quotes E. Stanley Jones

Racialism has many sins to bear, but perhaps its worst sin was the obscuring of Christ in the hour when one of the greatest souls born of a woman was making his decision.

I'd highly recomend Jones Gandhi: Portrayal of a Friend.

Spontaneous Generation in Exploring Emergence is a good example of the type of hype that has been tied to the idea of emerging systems in the past.

For the life of me I can't find the article on the improtance of dynamic elements in a system and how we tend to focus on the static because it's easier to capture. I gues I didn't blog it, my bad.

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