Thursday, May 29, 2003

Speaking of Eugene Peterson, I found this old interview from Leadership Journal, Spring 1997

The Business of Making Saints: People want us to meet their needs. But if we give in, we abandon our true work.

Some great quotes from this interview

LJ: So let me clarify. You're asking a pastor to give up a sense of control, productivity, and effectiveness in order to embrace slow, hard-to-measure work that people don't necessarily want.

EP: That's true.

LJ:That's a tough sell.

EP:And not many are buying.


It's odd: We live in this so-called postmodernist time, and yet so much of the public image of the church is this rational, management-efficient model. If the postmodernists are right, that model is passe; it doesn't work any more. In that sense, I find myself quite comfortably postmodern. I think pastors need to cultivate "unbusyness." I use that word a lot.

Sometimes I'm with pastors who don't wander around. They don't waste time. Their time is too valuable. They run to the tomb, and it's empty, so they run back. They never see resurrection. Meanwhile, Mary's wasting time; she's wandering around.


To be unbusy, you have to disengage yourself from egos—both yours and others—and start dealing with souls. Souls cannot be hurried.

- Peace

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