Monday, May 26, 2003

Five Iron Frenzy, Rocking The Back Nine
by John J. Thompson

A great interview with one of my favorite bands. Get's to the heart of their impending break up. I will miss them.

My FIF story: Somewhere in my twenties there came a point where all my friends complained that all the new music sucked. I laughed at them, told them they were getting old, I forget what I was listing to at the time but I was still finding cool new music. But then it happened. I went a long time with out finding a band that spoke to me, and new music from my favorite bands was getting rare, as the broke up, died, or other wise moved on. [U2 didn't really do much for me between Rattle and Hum and All That You Can't Leave Behind] And all the new bands sucked, there just wasn't anything. I must have been getting old.

Then I picked up a sampler album from Five Minute Walk Records cause of a single from Mortal, and discovered Five Iron Frenzy. FIF was smart, funny, sublime and played this cool rock ska mix. And best thing was they were younger than me. I wasn't old, most of the new music was just bad, but FIF was oh so good!

I'm looking forward to seeing them at their final C-Stone perfomace, and listening to The Day We Killed when we go to the Carzy Horse Memorial. Got to admit that FIF calling it quits is making feel old. Sigh.

- Peace

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