Saturday, May 24, 2003

Had a blast at the New Artist Showcase last night.

Ran into Terry Hughes whom I haven't seen in over a decade. He used to call in and request King's X when I was a DJ at CJSR hmmm King's X! Terrry got CKER to start their first serious rock show RockStand. He's now full time at CKER doing the morning show. I also met RockStand's current host. Rock on boys!

In some ways the evening reminded my of American Idol, lot's of strong performaces from very talented people, but nothing fresh and creative. The stand out exception to this was the first act An Realt! A Calgary band, their business card list's them as Celtic/Roots music – but they had very unique combination of instrument's and voices they created a full powerful sound. Defiantly want to catch them at one of the local pubs. The sound clips on their web site doesn't reflect the sound they had last night, but are still worth a listen.

My heart went out the tech team last night. Patching in twenty four performers in one evening is a nightmare and it there were a few glitches last night. Ah the joys of being a tech.

- Peace

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