Sunday, February 23, 2003

User Friendly linked to New coalition Launches national campaign against hidden levies on recordable media.

Today, a typical 100-pack of blank CDs includes a levy of $21 on a retail price that can be as low as $50. If the music industry collective’s proposal is approved, this levy could skyrocket by 181 percent to $59 per pack, leading to a retail price of at least $88 plus tax. The levy could even be extended in the future to substantially increase the price of personal computers, television set-top boxes, mobile phones, PDAs and other hand-held devices, and personal video recorders.

Well that's great, but what's the alternative to this 'pay for the music even if you don't use it' scheame? Why Digital Rights Management (DRM) of course...

“The Coalition believes that copyrighted works should be protected and copyright holders should be fairly compensated for their work. However, technologies are now available to help accomplish both these objectives,” said Doug Cooper, general manager of Intel of Canada. “By eliminating levies, the government can encourage record companies and artists to adopt new tools to protect content and ensure more direct methods of compensation.”

I could rant about DRM and often do, but here I'll just link to Digital rights management - we're all grilled and toasted. What I can see happening is we will get the tax, cause well the Librals are the ruling party for life, and we will get DRM cause sooner of latter some one at RIAA or MPAA will figure out how to link it to the war on terrorism and everyone will need to have it or else Bush will send in the troops, with or with out UN approval ... Of course the tax will stay in place cause the DRM tech isn't perfect so why not keep it just to be safe... Sigh. I guess it's time to starting sending Steven Harper some emails (He's my MP) and complain about both options, otherwise this coalition will use a bad tax to sell bad tech.


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