Sunday, November 17, 2002

Things break, yes when we use them,
bones ache, as time goes on...
-Elim Hall

I've had that tune running trough my head today. I've been having trouble with things breaking as of late. Last night was game night, a semi regular event with my circle of friends, we had ~15 guys here last night to play video games and my PS2 went of the Fritz just as we were setting up. Ryan brought his xbox and we had another PS2 that we projected up on the wall, but still how totally frustrating! This is the third PS2 I've had go on me. So the extended warranty in this case is well worth it. The games are great, the controllers rock, but the quality of the disk player has been horrible. Sony can't seem to build a disk player that lasts more than nine months. Grrr...

A week ago, biking to work I hit some ice in fish creek and wiped out. No damage done, I just got up and moved on. When I got to work I found that my Handspring Visor had a permanent grey spot in the middle of the screen. It's been getting worse, like a crack in a windshield that spreads over time.

My worst experience though was on Friday, after a long week I was able to leave work early and decided to do some riding in Fish Creek. I was on some very icy single track I had goten off to walk that section, I slipped and lost my footing, ended up sliding down the bank toward the creek head first on my back. I stopped when my head hit a tree. My bike helmet was cracked, but better it than my head.

It was dark by the time I got home but I feeling lucky to be alive, and no damage done to the new bike. I checked my necklace that I always wear, it has my cross and my wedding ring on it. The the cross and ring we gone, just the leather string was left. It's funny how attached to things we become, in this case the two symbols that remind me of what I care about, of what are important to me were gone.

So to sum up, my neck and back are sore from slamming into a tree, the ring that was a cherished gift from my wife is lost, and with it the wooden cross I wore for the last ten years is gone, and I can't even take out my frustrations by blowing things up in virtual fire fight.

Oh Lord why?


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