Sunday, October 27, 2002

Why is it that a large number of Christians are afraid of Halloween? Many try to ignore it. Others celebrate it by other names. For instance our church had a "Fall Costume Party" for the kids on Saturday. But we don't seem to engage it. Here are a couple of ideas I posted back in 96 when I was the web slinger for IVCF at the U of A.

  1. Carve a cross in your pumpkin
  2. Go tricker or treating for the Food Bank

We had a lot of fun with the Food Bank project, though IVCF at the University of Manitoba out did us by raising 3000 pounds of food in one night.

The nice thing about carving a cross in your pumpkin is it's something anyone can do.

Know of other good ways to transform Halloween? Let me know in the comments.


PS Gotta love the WayBackMachine

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