Wednesday, May 04, 2016

2016 First 100km, Goal and a Plan

Bike Sign at 100km
Hit 100km for 2016 on the way to work this morning.  Only made it to 850km last year, and 250 of that was on vacation.  Never found my commuting grove last year.  So I'm feeling good that I've biked to work every day in May.  All three work days :)

Goal for 2016 is 1300km, 500 more than the last 100km mark from 2015.

The plan is:
  • 400km by the end of May
  • 800km by the end of June
  • 1000km by the end of July
  • 1400km by the end of Aug.
I really should be able to blow through the 1300km mark with ease.  I'll wait till I've done that before setting a new 2016 Goal for the fall.

- Peace

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