Wednesday, September 30, 2015

10 years, 2M views on Flickr

My photos on flickr racked up their 2 millionth view yesterday.  I don't know what picture got the magic 2 millionth view; I can say Fire was the mosted viewed image that day.

I've been on flickr since June of 2005, so that's just over 10 years now.  I hit 1 million views back in 2013 and I feel about the same with 2 million views.  Still 10 years with flickr deserves something  so here are my top photos in Explore by year going back to 2005. Explore is flickr's top 500 photos for the day the photo was uploaded.

Seattle Great Wheel : 2015 (so far) #205 in Explore.

Only shot on the list taken with my new Pentax K3ii
Seattle Great Wheel
Rob's Return: 2014, #41

I've previously blogged about Rob's Return, no surprise that it's on this list.
Rob's Return
Giant Head, the Bow: 2013 #101

One of Calgary's most iconic public art installations in front of one of our most iconic building.

With a ranking of 101 this tied with Jackrabbit Snow for 2014's highest rank in Explore.  I went with Giant Head as it as more than double the views.

Giant Head, The Bow
London Eye Pod, 2012 #14

Taken from the top of the London Eye, on our trip to Europe to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.

Flickr currently ranks this as my most interesting picture.
London Eye Pod
Green Points: 2011 #350

Taken on our trip up BC's Sunset Coast.  The only photo on this list taken with a Lensbaby.

The second shot from BC to make this list.
Green Points
Calgary Tower in Fog: 2010 #51

We don't get much fog in Calgary but when we do it can lead to some cool photos. 
Calgary Tower in Fog
Action in Lane 20: 2009 #50

The Calgary Flickr Meet Up Group rented a bowling alley and I got this cool shot of the bright ball and pins falling.

The only indoor shot to make the list.
Action in Lane 20
Sky Canola: 2008 #350

Taken with my point and shoot while biking.  I didn't even stop to take this shot, just pointed the camera at the field and kept going.

Flickr ranks this as my second most interesting shot of all time.
Sky Canola
First Macro Experiment: 2007 #82

Flowers in the Quebec City Farmer's market.  I had just gotten my first SRL (Pentax's K10d).  I had gone to the market the day before, but went back with a macro lens to see if I could get better results - looks like I did :)
First Macro Experiment
Queen of the Ducks: 2006 #107

Another Flickr Meetup group shot.  Fellow flickerite Lisataime brought seed to attract the ducks and I got in on the actions.

Queen of the Ducks
Street Humor: 2005 #97

On 17th ave.  I had to pay him to get this shot.

Again taken while out the the Calgary Flickr Meet Up Group.  I do miss that group.  They had a huge impact on my photography.

Street Humor

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