Sunday, August 03, 2014

Catching Up on KM

With Mike at 1200kmHit the 1200km mark yesterday with Mike.  We rode the canal pathway out to Chestermere then came back on Highway 1a / 17ave SE.

The 1200km mark was on the way back, not cool shot of the canal, so I decided to go heavy on the photo  processing.  I think it works.

Will ride the canal pathway again, will have to take some pictures of it as there's nothing else in Calgary quite like it.

Wheel and Clouds @ 1100kmThose who have been paying attention will know that the last KM mark I blogged was 900km at the end of June.  So what happened to July?  Well a ton of stuff, just not much bike related.  I hit 1100 km on the 20th and before that I hit 1000km on July 8th.  Did less than 300km in July. So what's that do for my yearly goal?
Waffles & Chix @ 1000km

Not much, obviously. So the pressure is on for Aug. I'd really like to be at 1900km by Labour Day . Last year I did 1300km after Labour Day, 1900 + 1300 km = 3200km and that's my 2014 goal. 3200km is 500km more that I did in 2013, so it's not unreasonable to say some of that 500km should come at the end of the year, so 1800km by Labour Day would be OK too. Less that that and I'll be worried.

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