Saturday, November 23, 2013

2400km in Edmonton

Edmonton from the High Level Bridge at 2400km Hit 2400km mark tonight on Edmonton's High Level Bridge.  Brought a flood of thoughts.  It was in Edmonton that I first started tracking my km per year.  My best Edmonton year (in the 90s) was 2500km, so 2400 km in Nov would have felt great back then.

Now have 7 days to do 190 km to hit the original goal of 2600km by the end of Nov.  As I'v averaged 200km/month for most of the year that will be a stretch.  Need to do just over 27 km a day, for seven days strait.  Right now biking to Heritage and taking the train to work and then biking home makes just over 27km a day.  So it's possible.

If I make 160km this week then I've made up half of the 60km I was behind from Oct.  Also means I've done 430km in Nov and if I do the same in Dec then I'll hit 3000km for 2013.

130 km means I make my goal of doing 400km in Nov, but still need to make up the entire 60 in Dec, that would be tough.

That's what I'm thinking.   Next update at 2500km.

- Peace

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