Sunday, October 20, 2013

Not Exactly Goat Creek & 2100km

Ridders Among the RocksMost years I gather a group of people in June & October to ride Goat Creek Trail. Just after the ride in June the Goat Creek bridge was washed out in the epic floods that hit southern Alberta.

The bridge is still out, so yesterday we rode from Canmore to Banff via the Rundle Riverside trail.  A far tougher trail.  That 8km section took about 2hours to do.  Roots, rocks and mud.

Still a good time was had by all, and we found these cool rocks at the Banff end of the trail.

Canmore Evening View @ 2100kmThe 50km ride wasn't quite enough to put me at the 2100km mark, so I got a lift up to Whitman's pass and came back down to the Nordic Center to finish things off.  Hit the 2100km with a beautiful view of Canmore in the early evening.

We then hit the Grizzly Paw for supper.  You've got to try the Elk Burger, that's good eating!

Next Goal is to hit 2200km by Thursday, cause I'm off to San Francisco on Friday.

- Peace

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