Friday, September 13, 2013

Half Way to 3000km

Britannia Sunset @ 1500kmAfter a great, but hectic weekend in Vancouver, I skipped a week of biking.  That wasn't the plan, but that's what happened.

Got back into things with a half day Tuesday (took the train home), and extra long ride Wed. Night (Thanks Calvin!) and a full ride Thurs.  A full day is just over 34km.

Hit the 1500km biking through Britannia Thursday night on the way home from work.  1500km is the halfway mark for 2013.  Course Mid Sept is not the halfway mark for the 2013 Calendar.

As long as I make the 1800km by the end of Sept I'll be at the rate I need hit 3000km before 2014, and I've done it before, so it's doable.

Next goal is 1600km by Monday.

- Peace

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