Monday, September 30, 2013

1700 & 1800km

Fish Creek Autumn @ 1700kmThe goal was to hit 1700km by the end of last week.  Hit 1700km this Sat on a ride through Fish Creek before heading out to run errands.

Had two flats at 1600km, then there was a cold snap, and well it just didn't flow.  Think I have the flats figured out.  I think there was a defect in the tire as I wasn't getting the pinch flats I had been getting previously.  Yet neither I nor Pedalheads could find the issue.  Still I swaped the tire and it's been 200km without a flat.  Course I'd done 300km without a flat then two in less than 5km.  Hope I have it fixed.

MacLeod Trail @ 1800kmHit 1800km tonight after work.  That means I've done 400km in Sept.  I just need to keep that pace for Oct, Nov & Dec to hit 3000km for 2013.

Will be in San Francisco for the last week of Oct, so I'll need to do 400km by the 24th.  So that's a bit faster than the pace I've set for Sept.

Next goal is 1900km on Sat during the Ride for Refuge.

- Peace

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