Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man of Steel, TShirt, Key Chain Anyone?

The first trailer for Man of Steel, left me feeling cold. After all Smallville covered the Clark finding himself ground quite well.

The trailer focusing on Zod makes me think there's hope. They'll need to have one mean Lex Luthor to follow Zod.

I do wonder about the fact that the media is picking up on the Super Man as Jesus imagery. If the media is picking up on it then it might be heavy handed. (they totally missed the religious imagery in Warm Bodies) Though I like the Superman as Moses take.

I have some Superman gear to give away. One XL & One L t-shirt (though I'd describe them as L & M) and one S key chain. To enter share the link to this post on FB, Twitter or G+ and leave a comment here. Let me know your preference for a prize.  Also be from Calgary, cause I'm not paying to ship them. I'll pick the winner Friday Night.

- Peace


Bene said...

Hey Max:

Are you high and dry?

Hope you aren't in the path of flood water.

Bene said...


I see it's bad your way, stay dry.