Sunday, June 09, 2013

800km, Goat Creek & 900km

Heading West @ 800km

Group with a water SmudgeHit the 800km on May 27th, just didn't get to blogging it.

Rode Goat Creek with a group of friends yesterday. Didn't notice the water smudge on the group shot till it was too late.

While on the last leg of the Goat Creek ride I hit the 900km mark while riding with David M.

So that's the bike news.  Really need to get into a groove so I'm hitting the km marks on a more regular basis.  Have 2100km still to ride this year.

- Peace
David at 900km

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Unknown said...

that is some group this year. too bad I had to work and owned a working bike. would have loved to be a part of that large group