Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Long Surrender Reviews with MP3s

Direct Current has an announcement/review of Over the Rhine's new album the Long Surrender with the King Knows How MP3 for download. They also have wonderful pictures of Linford and Karin. Would love to know who took the pictures.

The Ruckus has a review.  Took me moment to realize 2/8 was the official release date not their rating.  From the Ruckus you can download Oh Yeah By The Way. I just want to amen the conclusion of the review:
This is, for me, the kind of album that you'll want to just sit by yourself in a quiet room and listen to for the first time, no distractions, just absorbing the different layers of instruments and the supremely well-written lyrics. Or, you know, in a room full of people you love that love music even when it isn't coming from the newest musical act.

I fell in love with OtR after hearing Born on a Paste Sampler back in 2005. So grab the MP3s but be warned OtR is a band you can fall in love with.

- Peace

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