Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Music from Over the Rhine.

The Long Surrender is Over the Rhine's latest effort. Official release date is Feb 8th, but if you order the CD from them you'd get a link to download the MP3s now. Listing to the first song, and it's beautiful.

If you don't know OtR then give their virtual record player a spin.

Fun Facts:
While they are from Ohio, Linford got his musical training here in Alberta.

The Long Surrender was crowd funded by fans. My name isn't on the list, I didn't donate in time. However I do know one Jeff Cebulski who's on the list. The last time I saw Jeff we were listing to OtR's Drunkard's Prayer at his place in Atlanta.

Mark Mayhle is on the list.

I'm quite sure that the Beth Maynard on the list is Beth from U2 Sermons.

- Peace

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