Sunday, July 25, 2010

To Bragg Creek and Back

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When I first started getting back into biking, when my goal for the year was a 1000 KM; I was told of a woman who was a hard core biker. She'd ride out to Bragg Creek and back, 80 KMs just for fun. I was new in Calgary, didn't even know where Bragg Creek was. Of course soon I learned that there was good mountain biking out past Bragg Creek. And would drive past all the roadies riding to Bragg Creek and think they're nuts.

Almost ten years later, I've ridden to Bragg Creek and back, with the support of friends. I'm not sure I'm at the just for fun point yet. Got passed by a ton of roadies. But I made it, with encouragement from my friends. Thanks, Calvin, Kevin, Sameer, Ken and Andy. The BBQ after was fun :)

For the record it's 83 KM round trip from my place, 568 meters of elevation gain on the way there, 320 meters on the way back. Data was captured using My Tracks.

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Cheech said...

Congrats! That's a big ride.