Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Now working for Blackboard.

Elluminate is being acquired by Blackboard. We're all just finding out what that means.

- Peace


Christopher said...

I don't think I realized you worked for Elluminate. Good product. Wonder if Blackboatd will integrate it. I hope it also remains a separate product.

Dave King said...

Mr. W:

Work isn't the main focus of my blog, I think there's only one other post that mentions Elluminate by name. So not surprised you missed it.

Glad you like Elluminate, I've been working on the Live product since v8.5. Nice to know people I know use it :)

Elluminate and Wimba are forming a new devision of Blackboard and our president will head the division.

We're committed to continuing to integrate with non Bb LMS systems. Course we know it's up to us to back that commitment up by delivering integrations.

- Peace