Monday, March 01, 2010

Thanks for the 80's Girls

A big thank you to Darlene Brink for organizing a fantastic photo shoot on the weekend. She brought together three fantastic models. Left to Right: Shanajane, Heather Schmidt and Kimberley Ma. She brought in hairstylist Connie Boone to do the Big 80's hair. Darlene recruited fellow make up artist Gethyn Prior to work with Darlene on the fantastic glam makeup. Darlene had her husband track down the guitars, and he let use his drum kit. Not only that they rearranged their basement so we could use it as a studio. Oh and she provided most of the outfits and had healthy snacks for us. Wow.

Me? I just had to show up with my camera and some balloons. Thank you Darlene, you're fantastic.

BTW I'm posting the pictures to a set called 80's Girls.

- Peace


dalin said...

So it's not a real band.


melissaboucher said...

Awesome shot! I love the way you captured the iradescent qualities of the balloons, very cool!

K. said...

Dave, thanks so much for doing the shoot! It was way to much fun. :) Hope to work with you again soon!

- Kim

Dave King said...

Dalin and Melissa, thanks :)

K. thanks for being part of the shoot, would love to work with you again.

- Peace