Friday, December 11, 2009

Strange Quotes

I think there's these notions out there that people think of infidelity as quote-unquote ‘wrong,' as quote-unquote ‘immoral,' “ he said. “In this day and age, and in this era, creating those morality judgments is not equivalent to a tolerant society.
CEO Noel Biderman, who's company helps people have "afairs", in the Globe and Mail today. The Toronto Transit Commission turned down advertising from his company t with the slogan "Life is short. Have an affair."

I wonder what Tiger Woods would say to that?

Many of the skills needed to use computers aren't highly useful in slaying mammoths.
Jakob Nielsen, usability guru from his article: Short-Term Memory and Web Usability. His point is we should keep web sites simple because
After all, your paying customers are only one step out of the cave.
OK I'm all for keeping things simple but I'm not a fan of theory that it's because our brains can't keep up. My grandfather could do math in his head way faster than any of the grand kids because he had to do the fly calculations while working the lumber docs in his youth. Ancient cultures memorized huge sections of text as scrolls where rare and could keep complex stories and characters strait. I think it's modern hubris that thinks our issues with needing simplicity are because we haven't evolved enough.

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~m said...

you know what's really immoral? saying things like, "there's these notions." infidelity to english grammar may yet destroy our civilization.

melissaboucher said...

I wonder if Noel would rethink his usage of the word 'tolerance' in this statement if he met the victims (spouses) of his clients.