Sunday, December 06, 2009

Alt Christmas Music

'Salvation Is Created’, the new record from Bifrost Arts to be released November 3rd on Great Comfort Records, is a modern-day oratorio that seeks to present the Christmas story stripped of sentimentality in the hopes of revealing afresh the mystery and strangeness of Christmas as it initially emerged. By making the familiar unfamiliar, the listener is reintroduced to the Christmas drama and encounters beauty to be sure, but also blackness, dry desert, strange noises from unknown sources, and the confusion and anxiety so latent in the situation. The quiet and fragile hope provided by a baby born without medical assistance in an unsuitable environment, in an insignificant town and amongst circumstances dangerous both physically and politically, takes on greater poignancy. The outcome of the story is unknown and uncertain, and certainly not the prelude that one would expect to the story of a king or universal triumph.

Found this when I went looking for A Familyre Christmas Vol. 3, no luck but Vol 1 & 2 are there.
We felt that in lieu of creating Volume 3 this year, it would be better to draw attention to a very special release from one of our sister labels, Great Comfort Records. The record is called Salvation Is Created by Bifrost Arts, and is one of the most unusual, beautiful, and surprising Christmas records out there. The album features Sounds Familyre artists Ben + Vesper, Elin K. Smith, and SF Friend Joshua Stamper, along with a whole slew of incredibly gifted artists.

Have a listen to the free mp3 Joy Joy!!! to get a feel for this album. I think I'll be ordering it.

- Peace

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