Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Four Interesting Pictures From NB

Explosions of RedLady by a TreeYoung Lady of the Jones HouseThe Holdout
We spent a week in New Brunswick, and I posted 60 pictures from NB. Still my home province only comes away with four pictures. No man is a great photographer in his home province? Maybe.

It does fit with my sense of NB as the province people drive through on the way to Nova Scotia or PEI. New Brunswick is easy to capture as NS or PEI, and it doesn't try as hard to please either. To be honest I prefer it that way.

No Left to Tims

This shot of a Tim Hortons traffic sign just made the Most Interesting Set, bringing the NB count to five. It also occurred to me the NB was the only province to have two portraits make the Most Interesting Set.

- Peace

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