Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Download Buddies?

You can download cool music from NoiseTrade.com if you'll give out five email addresses. NoiseTrade will then send those five people emails about what you've downloaded. They won't spam you, I know the CEO of NoiseTrade, they're good people. I also don't like spamming people, even if we're friends and I'm getting good music out of the deal.

So I'm looking for download buddies, five friends who wouldn't mind if I used their email address when I want to download something from NoiseTrade. You'll of course be free to use my address to do the same, and you'll know what I'm downloading. What say you?

- Peace


Reverend Joyleaf said...

You can use my address. It's still the same Gmail address I've always had.

Dave King said...

Thanks Steve :)

Michael said...

I always love music. You have my address :)