Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pentax K7 First Impressions

Yellow On Yellow
First longer than a weekend trip to the Maritimes in over 10 years and being asked to shoot the wedding of two talented photographers made it easy to justify putting my name on the waiting list for Pentax's new K-7.

It came in yesterday, did some shots this morning. First thoughts:

  • Auto focus is really fast. I started with my Sigma 70 2.8 DG Macro. A great lens that made me turn the auto focus on the K10d off every time. On the K7 it was fast with no hunting.

  • I miss the feel of the K10d, the K7 is smaller and lighter, and in my huge hands I'm going to have to find a comfortable way to hold it.

    More later.

    - Peace

    CameronF said...

    How about IR? Does it do ir?

    Dave King said...

    There is a built in "digital filter" that does colour inversion. That's the closest I've found. The "digital filter" is just built in post processing. I could do with out the digital filters.

    - Peace