Friday, July 17, 2009

Bike Paths that go Nowhere

Hi, everyone this is Calvin writing-- not Dave.

So, Dave has often said about how the bike pathways/bike designated roadways often go nowhere and I've contested that fact in the past. Then again, my riding normally doesn't recognize proscribed boundaries (because I am a rebel). At least for me, the bike designated roadways have always seemed useful.

Today I found a pathway up near the airport. I was at the southeast corner, and this pathway runs the entire length of the east side of the airport.

There is a lot of pavement dedicated to this super long pathway, however:

- It's a bit boring.
- It's bumpy.
- It's noisy.
- It's not that scenic (airport on one side, hwy on the other)

And one last thing: where does it go?

Well, I followed said pathway for maybe 20 minutes on my fast road bike, around bends, past bushes, over bumpy potholes and heaved pavement, all the while wondering what I would do if I flatted out (walking out would take hours!*)

It turns out, that this particular stretch of pathway goes nowhere, and it goes everywhere: it ends at the airport terminal.

So, if you ever need to bike ride from the east end of Pegasus road to Hong Kong, London, New York or Paris, the City of Calgary has you covered.

* I always carry a spare, so really I was wondering what I would do if I flatted out twice, which didn't seem impossible given the length and godforsakeness of the pathway.

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