Sunday, October 19, 2008

3400 KM - Canmore to Banff and Back

3400 KM Rundle Riverside Trail
Every year when I organize the Goat Creek Oct ride, some one asks about the weather. All Albertan's know that the first serious snow will arrive on or before Oct 31st. My only answer is that I've had good luck so far. Sat morning Clement and I drove through the worst winter driving conditions I've seen on an Alberta highway in years. The signs at the east end of Canmore were plastered with snow. But when we arrived at the Tourism center in West Canmore there ground was bare, the grass still green. Dave called from within the Blizzard, he was running a bit late, I reassured him that west Canmore was looking good. We got to the trail head and it was damp but quite ridable, by mid day it was very nice. This is the second time I've driven through snow to get to good riding conditions. Never call it to you get to the trailhead.

On the Goat Creek trail we met Emily, Trevor (they're wearing red) and Robin who's MIA in the picture. They decided to join us on the ride back to Canmore instead of going back up Goat Creek to their car. We took the Rundle Riverside Trail, it was workout. Much harder than taking the Highway. The trail has a great number of roots. The roots are not huge but over 8 KM they wear you down. In damp conditions they will through a new rider off the trail. It was more work they we expected, but we made it though and Emily, Trevor and Robin were great sports.

- Peace

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