Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fair Trade Music?

"Fair Trade Music" is the tag line for NoiseTrade.com. Joe Kirk (via email) described it thus:
NoiseTrade is the brainchild of Derek Webb. It takes the "give away the album for three emails" model that he used on Mockingbird and blends it with the Radiohead "pay what you want" model. He's turned it into a service for artists. You can get music at the noisetrade site and there is code to drop a widget on your page. It's a very cool idea and should catch on quickly. It came out of beta on July 4th. Lots of good music on it already.
I picked up the new four song Sixpence None the Richer EP for $2, cause I don't like giving out friends emails, and I knew I would blog it. Here's the widget for the My Dear Macine EP:

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