Monday, November 05, 2007

Driving With Miss Melissa

As previously mentioned I got to ride with Miss Melissa in her new 1999 VW Beetle. After Xalt I set up my Pentax K10d in the car with the trip pod and took pictues as Melissa drove me back home. Shooting in multi frame mode, I filled my 2 Gig card. Flipping through the shots made me think of doing a movie, turns out Picassa can take a set of pictures and generate a movie. I then used Windows Movie Maker to add music and credits. Enjoy.

Part of my personal joy in doing is that it reminded me of the Wizzard of Space and Time from 1983.

- Peace


D'Arcy Norman said...

very cool! You could get away with shooting smaller JPG files rather than big RAW ones, for longer trips. Sweet. So, what kind of tripod did you use?

Anonymous said...

COOL...Look ma I'm on You Tube!!!

Dave King said...

dn: It was big JPGs, but yeah that would give you more room. Want to play with this idea more. Tri pod was just my slk tripod, nothing fancy.

Miss Melissa: I'm glad you liked it. Thanks again for letting me experiment.

- Peace