Sunday, November 04, 2007

The City of Words

The 2007 Massey Lectures will be broadcast this week on CBC's Ideas. I've enjoyed the Massey Lectures in the past, when I've caught them, but this year's description caught my attention.
The end of ethnic nationalism, building societies around sets of common values, seems like a good idea. But something is going wrong. In the 2007 Massey Lectures, writer Alberto Manguel takes a fresh look at some of the problems we face, and suggests we should look at what stories have to teach us about society. “How do stories help us perceive ourselves and others?” he asks. “How can stories lend a whole society an identity...?” From Gilgamesh to the Bible, from Don Quixote to The Fast Runner, Alberto Manguel explores how books and stories hold the secret keys to what binds us together.
Emphasis is mine.

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