Friday, October 05, 2007

Last Day Keeping the Lights On

I don't blog a great deal about work. In fact in four years I've only mentioned the AESO by name once. I talked about my code setting the price of power back in 2004. I made on oblique reference to keeping the lights on in a poem. Today is my last day working to keep the Alberta Power Grid on line at a fair price. I'll admit I quite enjoyed knowing that there are people who's entire job is tracking and reacting to a number my code calculates. After today friends won't be able to bug me when their power goes out. I'm going to miss looking at the lights and telling people my code must be working.

- Peace


smalltownmelissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving Dave, and happy new job :)

Dave King said...

Thank you, Thank you and thankful for you :)

- Peace