Thursday, March 01, 2007

Resonate Media Radar

I've added some code to the Who Reads What spider that reads all the sites within two clicks of the Resonate Blogger list. The new code looks for YouTube video's and blogs the new ones it finds on the Resonate Media Radar.

Warning: The Resonate Bloggers are a strange bunch, and they link to some strange people so the videos include things like: GOLLUM & SMEAGOL SING BARRY WHITE and other addictive time wasters.

My Personal Fave: Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan

As first posted by holy heteroclite.

- Peace


Michael said...

You could make a whole new feature: Who watches what.
YouTube takes over the universe..
I for one welcome our tubian overlords..

dave said...

amazing resource..thanks for doing the legwork...uh, spiderwork

Dave King said...

Mike: WWW is taken as an acronym :)
Dave: you're welcome. Thanks for posting so many cool videos :)

- Peace