Friday, February 02, 2007

Michael meets blues hero

Some people have asked me over the years "Just what is it with you and the blues anyway?".

Well when I started playing guitar I wanted to be a rock'n roller but then I saw the "Blues Brothers" movie. John Lee Hooker playing on Maxwell Street in that movie changed my mind. I knew I had to play that music and I've been doing the blues ever since.
So when I heard that Dan Aykroyd and James Belushi were coming to town with the Blues Brothers band I got my tickets right away and yesterday a lifetime fantasy was fulfilled. I got to thank Dan in person for giving me the blues.
(Dave, I promise I will blog the concert but I just couldn't wait)

Danny and Michael


Dave King said...

yeah you look like you've got the blues bad there man ;)

- Peace

Richard said...

He's on a mission from God. Use of unnecessary smiling in the apprehension of a Blues Brother has been approved.