Thursday, November 16, 2006

Offended the Wheel god!

Broke a spoke on my way into Fish Creek Park, it jammed into the cogset rendering the bike unride-able. Had to walk 2km back to the house to get the Element, rescue the bike and drive to work.

After work I needed to fill up, after filling up the Element wouldn't start, having issues with the car battery. Had to call AMA.


- Peace


Kevin said...

I'm sure Calvin will say the "wheel god" is, well, God. Ezekiel may agree.

Dave King said...

I don't think God is that easily offended nor quite that petty.

- Peace

Richard said...

Thus "spoke" the prophet of the wheel God...

I remember battery troubles on my car. The worst part was replacing the battery and having it die later because it was the alternator, not the batter that was broken.

I wonder if this makes a good analogy on the importance of "avoiding the near occasion of sin".

Michael said...

At least you were only inconvenienced not hurt (well i mean you were hurt, it always hurts when you're bike breaks down)
I mean it could have happened when you were in traffic, throwing you directly in the path of a runaway garbage truck on a collision course with the c-train that left the rails while crossing the bow river on top of a fishing-cruise boat.
So you see you have to take these things as the blessings that they are.