Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Like Dancing

Like Dave King, I am a big cycling advocate. This morning, if the rain freezes, the roads will be absolutely unridable. And at any rate it seems the wrong time of year to talk with most people about bike riding.

Nevertheless the story below was so unexpected and beautiful to me that I wanted to share it:


Dave King said...

New bike converts, cool. Will they only use it for recreation or will it go deeper?

- Peace

Michael said...

We should ask that question about all converts.
We could have a survey about Christianity:
What is your relationship with Jesus:
A) He is my life
B) He is my hope
C) He is my friend
D) Recreational use only
E) Never heard of him

PsySal said...

Recreational use only is fine by me! I mean for bikes at least... Bikes are meant to be ridden, ride them however you want!