Sunday, September 24, 2006

JavaScript is the New Metal

I'm at NFJS Calgary this weekend. Was talking with a local consultant about some of the Java Frameworks that allow you to code in Java and generate JavaScript. The Google Web Toolkit or DWR being examples. During this conversation he said.
Of course you can get down to the metal and write JavaScript by hand if you have to.
I had to laugh, we're so abstracted that JavaScript, running in an unknown browser on an unknown operating system on arbitrary hardware is the new bare metal. I won't name my friend to protect the guilty. He claims I'm quoting him out of context, but it was a moment that crystallized where we're at.

- Peace

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Richard said...

That sounds like something I'd be daft enough to say - though I always call it writing to the wire. And in my case I know that I couldn't claim my quote was being taken out of context.

Maybe writing to "the wire" is a relative term and just means "beneath the current abstraction layer".

My mom reminds me that back in her day, doing a bug-fix by editing source code, re-compiling, and deploying to the server didn't count as writing to the wire. Apparently you literally opened up a server and flipped registry and memory bits until your hung process continued from where it got into trouble.

I still have an easier time imagining her walking to school uphill both ways...