Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Breakfast Round Up

Had a great time with Rudy and Steve. Here's a random recap of some of the topics of conversation. Rudy, Steve; feel free to add more in the comments.
Rudy as instigator
Web design, or lack there of at IdeaJoy.
Rachel of Cred8Design
Agile Software Development
Ruby on Rails
taking risks
abundance thinking vs zero sum game thinking
taking the out the thorn in the Lion's paw
short feedback loops
the spiritual connection between Blacks and Hispanics
Rex Murphy, cause he was there.
RCMP, yes they're still mounted police when in cruisers and how few of them there are in Banff
incarnational blogging vs focused blogging
John Perkins
Bibles that Rudy's been involved with
the time gap between the resurrection and Peter's restoration
The rejection of Christ, or why Christ rejected a few people vs why we do
Urbana 93
Cold Canadians and Starbucks Coffee
Peterson, doubt and the Great Commission
My Loving each other as the way to save the world rant
Politely Disconected
Jordon Cooper
A Heretic's Guide to Eternity by Spencer Burke
Making Students cry
Error Messages
Celebrity Breakfasts
Leighton Tebay
book reviews
Scott McNight and Jesus Creed
blog comments
The history of South Meadows
criticism learning from it and ignoring it
special effects in Jesus movies
Growing up Baptist
PBS cartoons on the American Revolution
Rob Bell
meet ups
weather and acclimatization
LA Public Transit
Cell Phone Cameras
Oddly we didn't talk about Peter Case, P.O.D. or U2.

Thanks guys, it was great.

- Peace


Steve said...

Wow Dave, what a great mind! Thanks for hooking this up today.

spencer said...

i would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that conversation...

Dave King said...

Sorry Spence, but if you come out you've got to join in ;)

Steve I agree Rudy's got a great mind! Credit goes to Rudy for offering to meet up.

- Peace

rudy said...

dave flattery will get you everywhere

steve great to meet up

great recap. bring on peter case and u2