Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Is Evolution a Creation Myth?

Is Evolution a Creation Myth? It depends on how you define the words "creation" and "myth." Sometimes the word creation implies the existence of a creator. In other contexts, however, the word creation implies the thing has come into existence or been created and how it came into existence or was created. Perhaps it would be better to say, therefore, "Evolution is a myth about origins -- about the universe, how it came to exist and how it came to take on the attributes we now observe."


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Richard said...

Interesting distinction between myth and fact. It suggests there are two facets to evolution. One is the debate about scientific / historical facts and the other is the debate about the myth. Namely, the idea, story, and worldview that we present.

While I Creationists have raised legitimate objections in the realm of fact and science such as the evolution of the eye, the bombadier beetle, and the lack of intermediate forms, I wonder if the real debate is around the myth.

The myth of Darwin is life and humanity improving itself with no help from above or from within. We cannot help ourselves (though some bacteria seem to obey Lamarckian laws of evolution), no one is helping us, yet we get better anyways.

The myth of Genesis has been banned from public schools in the name of tolerance.

The recent debates of Intelligent Design seem to indicate the fuss about something beyond the scientific facts. The ironic part is when scientists talk about how they are always nobly looking to be proven wrong so that progress can flourish.