Saturday, February 26, 2005

Why the Pope Should Not Resign

Jon Trott, one of the editors/writers over at cornsertone magazine has started blogging. Jon's been a favorite writer of mine for years. He won't make it the blog role though, as I've added him to the Friends of Cornerstone list.

- Peace

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Richard said...

Pope John Paul II, even in his old age and failing health, has done more to encourage today's youth to embrace Our Lord and follow him through this life into the next than all his naysayers combined.

Ever hear older Christians complaining that they dont understand today's youth and that today's youth are ignorant and immoral compared to the youth of the good old days? Pope John the Paul II's consistent message of hope, faith, and love to young people provides a refreshing contrast to gloomy nostalgia.

To anyone who thinks the pope should resign, I challenge them first to have a better impact on today's youth - I know I could not meet that challenge.