Monday, February 14, 2005


Linea Lanoie shares here thoughts On being a Practitioner of the faith.

It's been a recurring theme in much of my reading as of late.

Brian D. McLaren talks about the importance of right living, of Orthopraxy in a Generous Orthodoxy.

James W. Sire talks about how can only claim to know what we live in Habits of the Mind.

I've been deeply impressed by the commitment of Granny Brand and how her and her husband worked as missionaries in the mountains of India for six years before they had their first convert. Six years of caring for people, providing basic medical and dental care, dealing with sick and hurting people.

In his introduction to the old testament prophets Eugene H. Peterson says we can't understand them with out trying to live their message.

You know what, I'm finding action tough. In a world where most relationships are shallow and where we're all self sufficient it's hard to find places to act, places to love. But then maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

- Peace

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marilyn said...

Fun reading. I must ask another blog that's wonderful to link you...have you heard of Musings? (

It's these heartfelt blogs that move me.

You say maybe you don't look hard enough. You certainly sound like you do...and fortunately, God is more committed to opening our eyes than we will ever know. There's security in that.

Blessings. Marilyn