Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bears on the way to work

On the north side of Fish Creek Park is a sign that reads Warning, bear frequenting area, please proceed with extreme caution. Thank You.. Of course I enter from the south side of Fish Creek and there is no sign, so I see this as I'm climbing up out of the park, great!

How weird is it that I live in a city of almost a million people, but could still encounter bears on the way to work? Will let you know if I see any.

- Peace


Jordon said...

What I want to know is, do they have a sign up saying, "Warning, Jordon fell on this hill in 1983" sign up yet. Now there is a sign I would like to see.

sweetsaccharine said...

I just wanted to say thanks; I don't know if you remember when the tact team swarmed Millrise back in March, but I was trying to write about it for a class, and couldn't remember the date. I found your site from google, and was not only impressed to find the day, but also the link to the cnn site. Lol, thanks for being so thorough.

Dave King said...

Jordon: haven't seen a sign. But if you have a wack of cash to donate to the park you can get an engraved plaque on a bench. I'm sure Wendy would understand.

Rachel: glad to be of service.

- Peace

Rodney Olsen said...

.... and I get worried about seeing dogs on the loose while I'm riding to work.