Thursday, September 16, 2004

1952 km and holding

The good news: Yesterday morning on the way to work I passed the 1920 km mark, 120% of my goal for 2004.

The bad news: On the ride home I decided the bike has be come unrideable. At luch I had the front brakes readjusted, and by the ride home I had to unhook it for the last couple of kms.

Back in June when I was hit by a truck, there was damage to my frot fork. I noticed somthing was wrong when I started biking again in Aug, but it was minor as I rode on smooth paths there was push back on my left hand, even when going strait. At first I thought that the head set was out of alignment. After a few tries at realigning it, I got Al at PedalHead to take a closer look: indeed the front fork was damaged. I've been able to get by but the sitution has gotten worse. The front wheel rubs against the break pads and ridding becomes dog slow and very hard. I've ordered a new fork a Manitou Black Platnium, but until it comes in I won't be ridding anywhere.

- Peace

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Rodney Olsen said...

I'm just over 4600km for the year so far. I've had a really frustrating couple of days with my bike.

A couple of mornings ago I found my rear tyre was flat. Thankfully, as well as the road bike I usually ride, I have a mountain bike. I grabbed the MTB and headed off to work.

Last night I tried repairing the puncture on the road bike with very little success. Oh well - I'll sort it out soon and keep going.

I really feel for you not being able to ride at all.