Sunday, August 08, 2004

Back from Jasper

Did 22 km of riding this weekend, mostly trail. Took one un intentional dismount while riding a cool piece of single track that leaves from Old Fort Point a goes around the golf course at the Jasper Park Lodge. Got a good look at a Elk Bull with antlers that must have been over four feet wide, and we saw some White tailed deer. It rained alot this weekend and we got very muddy on a ride up to Beaver and Sumit Lakes.

We found this listing of places to bike in Jasper great for finding trails.

That 22 km brings me to 1382 km for the year, I'm hoping to hit my goal of 1600 km by the end of Aug. I'd be thrilled if I could break 2000 km before the end of Oct. Oct is normally the end of the ridding season for me.

- Peace

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Linea said...

You should check out Toni's blog at Sounds like you guys are fellow bikers.